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Frameless Glass Stacking Doors

Frameless Glass Stacking Doors

  • Maximize your view
  • Enclose your balcony or entertainment areas
  • Special design features
  • Can be straight, angled or curved design – see design layouts in technical information.


These doors may also be called Glass Concertina Doors, Folding Glass Doors, Stackable Glass Doors, Folding Staking Glass Doors.
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Opening Configuration

Test Certificate And Details

Test Results for SP25 – Frameless System

*Test set-up for static wind load
*Test set-up for exposure to dynamic wind load

Dynamic wind load test (positive pressure) (test specimens 1b to 4b)

Dynamic wind load test (positive pressure) (test specimens 1b to 4b)The test specimens were exposed to dynamic wind load generated by a frequency controlled wind generator (rotor diameter 1m). Wind load was increased in steps of 5 m/s up to the maximum possible wind speed of the wind generator and maintained for 5 minutes each.The wind speeds generated were measured using a wind anemometer located at a distance of 1m in front of the test specimen in the wind impact centre.
The dynamic loads caused an upward oscillating movement of the linear two-edge supported glazing. The effects of initiation of oscillation and the maximum oscillating deflection of the central glazing were measured.


Static wind load test (positive/negative pressures) (Test specimens 1a to 4a)

The test specimens passed the static wind load tests as documented in the following:

Results of exposure to static wind loads:

Test specimen Size of test specimens Glazing TSG-H Positive wind pressure Negative wind pressure
Test specimen 1a 2447 x 1800 mm2 6 mm 1100 Pa 1900 Pa
Test specimen 1b 2447 x 1800 mm2 4 mm 1280 Pa 1890 Pa
Test specimen 1c 2447 x 1800 mm2 10 mm 230 Pa 1000 Pa
Test specimen 1d 2447 x 1800 mm2 2 mm 2311 Pa 1002 Pa

1) tested by application of positive wind pressure and locking the side-hung casement

No damage, glass breakage, material breakage. etc. was detected on the test specimen.